I am really impressed with Mozilla technology

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The more I study web technologies, I am really impressed with Mozilla for having an independent stack. They really know how to keep their software current and not be bloatware and spyware.

I am using Firefox, of course, and Thunderbird for my 4-5 email addresses and calendar integrations.

Mozilla is great because it’s native apps rather than web apps. It’s difficult to synchronize between the calendar’s so I still use google calendar.

I just started using Seamonkey for RSS feeds and I am looking into getting an RSS feed for this website.

I would like to start blogging some science blog stuff, I have been experimenting with Rust lately, the Rocket.rs framework trying to build a decent site, but nothing compares to the PhP WP CRM’s.

That being said, there is no independent cellular device independent of big tech for secure browsing. Mozilla has a great mobile browser though that synchronizes everything between devices.

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